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Soup, sandwiches, Lent

I have been an active Anglican Christian since I was a teenager. In all of the parishes that I have been connected with food has been an important part of the ministry of outreach. They had meals to raise funds, share with each other, and be part of their community. There is however something special about soup, sandwiches and Lent. They seem to go hand in hand.


The new parish community that the dear one and I have been called to be a part of has been doing Lenten Lunches for the last 22 years – yes, you read that 22 years. They serve soup, sandwiches and squares for a small sum and one of the local clergy speaks at the end of the lunch. It has turned into a good way to have a Lenten study time, gathering of Christians from the different churches in the community, and remind the wider community that the church is present here. Over the 5 weeks of Lent they serve about 300 people a wonderful lunch of all you can eat homemade soup and sandwiches.

Food and eating it with others is such an important part of my Christian life. We joke in Anglican circles that the best thing we do after meeting together is eating together and often those two things go hand in hand. I am thankful for that because it seems to me that we are following Jesus’ example. There are more examples than I can count of Jesus eating with friends, Jesus providing food for his followers and of course the most important example of the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist. At the very heart of our faith is the breaking of bread and sharing that with each other. Sharing the bread of Christ with each other and sharing our faith with each other.

As I continue through Lent I am going to meet, eat and share with the followers of Jesus.

How about you what images say Lent to you more than others?

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