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House hunting

We have done a lot of house hunting over the last 3 months. It looks like this is coming to an end soon. I find house hunting difficult. I just want to make a decision and get on with it. Turns out that is not always a good plan. Turns out that sometimes you need to wait because the house really want is just waiting around the corner for you to find it.

I have learned to look at soffits and the state of the roof shingles. I know how to look for water damage in a ceiling or basement now. I have learned how to look at wiring and guess about its age and whether it is up to code. I now overlook paint colour as my children remind me it is just paint mum and can be painted over. I didn’t know I knew so much about house construction. I guess all those hours doing house renovation work with the dear one have come into good use.Housesalesign

Did you know that finding a house is complicated? You have to your realtor on your side (we do, thanks goodness). You have to have your financial institution on your side (again we do) You have to be on the same page with your partner about what kind of house you want, how much you think you can spend on it, what you can or cannot live without.

The dear one and I have realized that we need a dining room, not everyone does, but we like to entertain. That we need space for a home office that we can share. That we need a garden with a deck if we can get it. That we need some spare bedrooms so that when the family visits we have enough room. That if we are going to have a bungalow it has to be one with a bit of character. That an older home is really want we both want to live in.  It is about learning what we need and what we want as we have moved through this process.

It has been a lot slower than either the dear one or I thought it was going to be. We have been in our new community for 2 months now and we thought for sure that when we arrived we would be settled by this point. I have been impatient and a bit cranky about it if I am honest. I want it done and I want it done NOW! The learning for me here is that this is a process and I have to remember to trust the process and that getting us a home will happen when it is supposed to happen. In the meantime we have this little house to live in, we have food to eat, access to the internet, and a community to learn about.

A house is waiting for us to turn into a home, just like we are waiting for a house to turn into a home. Wish us luck!


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