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Words for 2013

I don’t do resolutions, at least I don’t do ones now. I have found that for the most part they don’t work for me. However last year I found something that did work for me.

A year ago I chose three words to guide me through the year. I wrote about  my choices a month after I had started this blog.  We have come to the cusp of a new year and it is time for some new words to give me direction for this year. Before I let you know what the words are for this year I want you to know that I am planning on keeping the words from last year around (courage, joy, voice) as they have fed me in ways that I didn’t expect them to and I know I will need to remember them again.

Words for 2013:

Beauty – I want to look for beauty each day. I want to have beauty feed my soul. I want to share beauty with others as I find it in odd and interesting places (so expect some interesting photos from time to time). I want to be surprised by beauty. I want to pay attention to beauty. Beauty needs, for me, to be part of regular life and not something that is saved for special occasions or extraordinary times.

Gratitude – I am aware that gratitude is becoming a daily thing for me. However this word is speaking to me so I know that I have to be much more intentional about it. I must admit the catch phrase ‘attitude of gratitude’ puts my teeth on edge. I find it too simplistic for what I am thinking about. I don’t want to just find the good parts of my life to be grateful for – that is the easy part. I want to find the way to be grateful for those parts of my life I just can’t stand. The grief I have been through, the physical pain I feel everyday. I want to find a way to be grateful for those things and for the learnings that have come about because of them.

Faith – I started this blog 10 months ago because I needed a way to talk about my faith, a faith I was living out on the edges of the church, a faith I was struggling to figure out again, a faith that seemed to have taken me into exile. This next year I want to take time to explore my faith from inside the church again and remember how to be vulnerable in it, how to be open to the Spirit again. I want my faith to be open again. I want to grow in my faith.

A small thing of beauty that I found while camping this past summer with the dear one.

A small thing of beauty that I found while camping this past summer with the dear one.

What do you do to get you motivated for the upcoming year? Where is the Spirit leading you?

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4 thoughts on “Words for 2013

  1. Fantastic words! I particularly like ‘beauty’ – I think there is so much beauty in so many things in life that can help motivate and inspire us.

  2. Lovely words!!!! I have my own ways of how I keep myself motivated and Tomorrow I will publish a post about it… stay tuned!!

  3. Sarah Neish on said:

    Thank you for your thoughts Fiona. I too have been thinking of what the coming year will bring. My sweet husband and I are well into the twilight years of our faith journey here on earth and I am becoming more and more aware of this as the years pass. MDH will be 83 in april and I will never see 75 again. We both seem to be in good health but I can see our strength dwindling , mine more so, and I wonder at what the next few years will bring our way. New knees for me, hearing aids for the old fella?
    I also see our faith growing in knowledge and depth as we age. MDH spends hours in his study, living out his Holy Cross Rule of Life with Daily offices and at least one hour of intense study each and every day. My ministry of word for the Diocesan paper and the parish newsletter becomes an important part of my life as a writer. I have this vehicle to share my own faith journey with others. Public worship continues to be vital for both of us and our parish family remain dear and close to us as we continue this lifelong trip towards our eternal joy.Blessings in 2013!

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