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Faith and Dragonflies

A Christmas gift from my son in law.

A Christmas gift from my son in law.

I love dragonflies. I love their tenacity, strength, beauty and fragility. I love how they eat mosquitoes both as larvae and as adults. I love how they dance with the wind and in the sunshine. I love how they make me feel when I see them dancing around flowers in my garden or darting through the woods when I go on walks. I love their different sizes and colours. I love how they inspire me to see good and hope in the world on days when it doesn’t seem like anything is going right. I love dragonflies.

I have a wonderful son in law, who is also a blogger.  I have so enjoyed reading his adventures of training for triathlons and running races and sometimes just about his life in general.

The painting above was part of his Christmas gift to me this year. I opened it up and it made me cry. It made me realize how much I have come to love this young man and how important he is to our whole family. I am impressed by how much he knows me and that he cares for me so much to do a painting of my favourite thing and realizes how important the dragonfly image is to my faith life.

The dragonfly for me has become a symbol of resurrection and God’s amazing grace in the world. Dragonflies reminds me that sometimes I need to let go and go with the wind of change, that I can be strong even when I don’t think I can be. They also remind me that sometimes you just need to rest and let the sun warm your wings before you move on to the next thing (something my family is very aware of). Dragonflies also point me in the direction of beauty and blessings and that I need to look for those everyday no matter what else is happening around me.

The gift of the dragonfly has fed my faith and made me a better person. The dragonfly feeds my wonder as a child of God in me daily.

I am full of gratitude for this gift   from my son in law. I am full of gratitude for the blessings of this new town to live in. I am full of gratitude that my faith has survived the bruising that the last two years has presented.

I am looking forward to finding a place for this painting in our new home, when we get a new home. In the meantime I will place it in our bedroom and remember to look at it in the morning and in the evening and give thanks for my faith, for dragonflies and mostly for the wonderful man that my eldest daughter fell in love with and married and brought into our family.

Living out my faith on the edges with dragonflies and gratitude.

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One thought on “Faith and Dragonflies

  1. I love dragonflies too. Especially when they light on my knee when I paddle in the water. I like their four wings and their irradiant colors as they glow in the summer sun. thanks for the comment to my blog. Bob

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