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ADVENTures of Moving

We have moved, at least we have moved us, our cats, some of our clothes, our computers and one box of books. And 2 boxes of Christmas decorations so that we can celebrate with a bit of us around us. The rest of our belongings are still on a moving van in Winnipeg waiting to get the call to come and be delivered here to our new home in Wetaskiwin.  That is why I am calling this the adventures of moving. This has been and continues to be a real adventure for the both the dear one and I.

We don’t have a new home yet, we are still waiting for the old one in Kenora to sell so that our offer can be finalized here. We have also had to deal with a water leak in our old house and all the insurance details that go with that. We have been blessed by a dear friend in Kenora who has been keeping on a close eye on everything while this has been going on.  In the midst of that unsettledness we have been blessed by our new parish. Someone found us a mostly furnished place to rent and it has just enough room so that all of our family can be here for Christmas.

I have been thinking about Advent during this unsettling, settling in, in between time as well. Seems to me that Advent is a lot like moving. A time for preparing, getting going to a new destination and not being really sure of what is coming next. A time to strip down to the essentials and figure out what is really needed. A time to pay attention to the blessings that show up when you least expect them to.

This Advent has been a blessing for me. It has had less distractions and less flurry than in the past. Since I don’t have all my kitchen supplies we have had to limit what we make for goodies, although we have done well with what we have had. We have kept our tradition of lighting our Advent wreath each day with our family at supper time. We have been adding to our nativity set each week and adding to an Advent calendar everyday.

Keeping Advent in our temporary home.

Keeping Advent in our temporary home.

This Advent has made me realize that slowing down and keeping it simpler is a good idea. I am hoping that I can remember that next year when the calendar fills up with activities and social commitments that taking it all slowly and simply is good for my soul.

I am looking forward to having Christmas with my family around us. I am looking forward to hearing the dear one’s Christmas story at the Christmas Eve service for the first time in 3 years. I am looking forward to whatever is coming next in this adventure of moving (at least that is what I am going to keep telling myself).

How has Advent been for you, if you keep it that is? When have you found that slowing down has actually made life experiences better for you?

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in the New Year when I will back with more of my faith from the edges.

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