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Bite sized hope

Before I begin I need to give credit where credit is due. The dear one and I were talking recently about hope and he came up with the wonderful phrase ‘bite sized hope’. I have been letting that roll around in my head and heart for the last little while and am finding that  this is resonating with me.

When I try be hopeful all the time I get to looking at the world through rose coloured glasses and thinking everything will be all right. I just have to look at my life for the last three years to know that this is not the case. If, however, I give up on hope I fall into despair and begin to think that nothing will get better. Again when I look at my life for the last three years I know that some parts of my life are better even if it is not what I really want it to be at the moment.

This is why I have become so entranced with the dear one’s phrase – bite sized hope.

Enough hope to keep me going but not so much hope that I forget to do the hard work that is needed to do what God is calling me to do (even if I don’t know what that is at the moment). A piece of bite sized hope is that our house renovations will be done soon. Another piece is that the dear one may have a position with a parish soon. A bite sized piece of hope for me is that I will be able to find a place within the church again. A bite sized piece of hope is that my faith will sustain me during this time.

That is all I can do now is take in bite sized pieces of hope. What is your piece of bite sized piece of hope that keeps you going?

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2 thoughts on “Bite sized hope

  1. My “fella” is always quoting Bishop Tutu. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”
    Maybe this is what you need to hold on to for now.One bite at a time.

  2. Dan Jorgensen on said:

    I’ve been incredibly lucky in my life, yet I’ve still had times when I’ve felt down because things weren’t going my way. Sometimes that “elephant” just wouldn’t go down no matter how many single bites I took from it. I couldn’t make a girl love me, no matter how much I loved her. I couldn’t keep my police department, no matter how hard I tried. Other people, who I tried to influence, but couldn’t, destroyed my career ambitions. Looking back, none of those things really matter much anymore.

    In the end, what I want and what I need are too different things. If I have what I need, then I am lucky. Sometimes I have to swallow hard because I’m not getting what I want, even though I know I have what I need. That’s when I remind myself that there’s food on my table and a roof over my head. I’m not a child dying of AIDS simply because I had the misfortune to be born in Africa at the wrong time and place. My family is healthy and I have children and now grandchildren who love me more than some old girlfriend ever would. I have a wife who loves me and stands by me through my hard times. I have friends, including you and “the dear one” who cared for me when I was in need of friends. I have more than I need, more than so many others in the world.

    When I feel depressed, feel sorry for myself or start worrying too much, I think of people who have really suffered. Nelson Mandela. Concentration camp survivors. Prisoners of war. People who’ve lost their entire family yet somehow found the strength to carry on. I tell myself that if they can endure those things and survive, then surely I can endure my troubles, which are small by comparison.

    The alternative is to give up, which isn’t in my nature and I don’t think is in yours. A person who won’t give up, can’t be defeated.

    Works for me ‘;0)

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