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Love is….

Grouse in backyard – a bit of joy.

I know that many have written about love. I know that I probably won’t say anything new here. This morning though I need to say what love is for me.

Love is the dear one making me brunch just because he loves me and not letting me into the kitchen to help him.

Love is the gift of this time together, even though much of it is hard. For this hard time has proven that our love can withstand much, sustain us both and continue to grow and change as we are growing and changing.

Love is intellectual discussions which trigger creative thoughts for both of us. Deep conversation that reminds us both that we are worth more than what many have said about us.

Love is working hard with the dear one to get our house renovations done, working on our garden together, reminding ourselves that we are a good team together.

Love is the bits of joy that I find each day. The grouse wandering in our backyard, one of our cats snuggling up on my lap while I watch a movie with the dear one, flowers continuing to bloom outside even with the cooler days, the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen, a good cup of coffee in the morning, a cup of relaxing tea in the afternoon.

Love is my family, my friends, who are always there when I need them. Love is all that our adult children have become and are becoming.

Love is our church friends praying for me and the dear one. Reminding me that I don’t have to do this faith thing on my own. That the love of God is best when shared in this way.

Love is the gift I have been given. Love is more words than I will ever find to express it.  Today I thank God for love.

Love is what for you today?


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3 thoughts on “Love is….

  1. Nice blog 🙂 you certainly do have the love and support of your friends xoxo

  2. Love is a peaceful walk through the woods, surrounded by trees that have been there before I was born.

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