Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.

Empty Nest Blues

This mama has the empty nest blues or  the almost empty nest blues. You know what I mean! I am already missing the two who are headed off to new homes and new adventures in their respective university towns in a few short days.

I am glad they are going. I know they are going to be fine. They have good plans. Good friends for support. Good homes to live in. They are so ready to be on their own. Most days their mama is ready for them to go as well. I and the dear one need the space to find our own way as all couples do at this stage of their lives. Then there are the days when I just want to weep with how much I am going to miss them.

I am in the midst of endings. The end of being a full time parent. The end of being a home with young adults who happen to be my children.

I am hoping for some beginnings. It would be great to have a new community to move to. A new parish for the dear one to love and take care of. A new creative job for me would also be fine.

For the moment I will sit with my blues. Say good bye and do well to my wonderful adult children. I will remember that I have done a good job raising them with the dear one. They are young people that I am proud to say I am their mother.

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