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Dragonfly Watering Can

I find inspiration is a funny thing. One day you have loads of it and the next it seems to have just vanished. I have also found that I need to feed my inspiration. This watering can is an example of that feeding. I love dragonflies – I mean, I really, really love them. They give me joy when I see one in my garden or when out camping. They look so fragile but they are really quite strong. I love the different shapes, colours, sizes of dragonflies. It is this that gives me inspiration to keep on with what is put in front of me and fly towards my goals.

I also find inspiration in the parts of my life that I struggle with; lack of  worship community, expressing my faith, finding new work. It is dealing with these struggles that I find words that help to express my feelings of loss and grief. These inspire me to write and sometimes amazing things happen.

Inspiration also comes about when I read or hear something that just about makes my blood boil. I begin to think about what I need to do to make a situation right or to support the person involved in an unjust situation. I begin to speak, write and tell others what I am thinking and feeling.

Last night I had a great conversation with the dear one. We were talking theology and scriptures and how to live them out in our lives. I love those conversations they get me thinking and wondering and fill me with inspiration to keep on living a life of faith.

Where do you get your inspiration? What has inspired you recently? Love to hear from you about what gets your creativity going. Never know what might inspire me on to something new, fun and lovely.

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Sarah Neish on said:

    Now you have me wondering what it is that inspires me!I have what you are missing right now, a faith family and I think they inspire me. I can look down and put a name to most sitting in the pews on sunday…I know some of their stories, some of their journies and they inspire me. I see Doug who just buried his wife of 54 years about 1 month ago. I see his daughter who drives down from the city most weekends to sit beside him, in Shirley’s place and I am inspired. I see Debbie who at age 32 had a massive stroke and lost her baby daughter. I see that she has taught herself to walk with leg brace and cane, to drive with special car and to take up collection when it is her turn, using a basket with a handle and I am inspired.I see the love and concern that each has for the other as we share a mug of coffee at fellowship following the service. I see Gordon who had lived with is older brother Elbert on the family farm, both bacholors devoted to each other .Elbert has gone on to glory but Gordon is in church most Sundays and whoever is in charge of food for fellowship makes sure there are sandwiches because Gordon and other Seniors ,living alone make fellowship their midday meal and I am inspired.
    so I guess it is my fellow companions on this journey of life that inspire me.People like you Fiona who are struggling but hanging in there.
    I see God in the faces of my friends.

  2. I draw inspiration from my wife, and her 1/2 marathon training. She has an incredible ability to dig deep and push herself. While she doesn’t inspire me to run a 1/2 marathon, she does inspire me to dig deeper into myself then I knew I could. When I’m tired. When I’m frustrated or unmotivated. Or when I’m down from previous poor outcomes. I find success stories from others help inspire me to dig deeper in myself.

  3. I am inspired by our son he’s small but he has these big beautiful eyes that if you look closely you can see his thoughts and his wonder he never stops asking questions he doesn’t always listen to the answer but sometimes he does. He loves hearing me talk about him he loves reading and using his imagination he loves his dog as much as his dog loves him which is endless! He is why we make sure nic and. I are better people everyday so he sees what I’d like him to see about us avery Quinn inspires me to be the person he sees me as.

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