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I am a Feminist

Some of you know this about me already and for some of you this may be a surprise – I am a feminist. I have been one for all of my adult life. I am the daughter of a feminist and the mother of feminist daughters. Why you might ask have I chosen this moment to go public so to speak.

This has not been a good week to be a woman. First there is a man running for public office in the US who reminded me that there is a war against women going on in the world, with his comments about ‘legitimate’ rape. Then the dismembered body of a single mother of three was found in the Toronto area. Then I heard about someone’s child support not coming through because her ex-husband likes to yank her chain that way. Not a good week to be a woman.

There aren’t many good weeks to be a woman. There are too many women getting beaten by their partners. There are too many getting killed because they are women. There are too many women getting sexually assaulted because they are women. There are too many men trying to tell women how to manage their own bodies. Don’t get me started on the wage gap or the career gap because we are the ones that give birth to the world’s children.

This week this is why I am feminist. Ask me next week and I will probably have some other reasons but I will still be a feminist.

I am also a Christian. I am a person of faith who believes that Jesus calls all of us, women, men, children, to be loving, justice seeking, peacemakers for God. This is also why I am a feminist. God has called me to take my energy as a woman of faith and work towards the reign of God. The reign of God is a place where all are accepted and valued. Where none are misused because of gender, colour of their skin, age, disability, sexuality or any of the other myriad ways we humans discriminate against each other.

For my daughters, my sisters, my female cousins, my sisters in law, my wonderful women friends,  for all the women in my life I will be a feminist. For my husband, for my son, my nephews, my brothers in law, my wonderful men friends in my life I will be a feminist.  I will rage when raging is needed. I will push for change when change is needed. I will advocate for those whose voices have been silenced.

I am a feminist. I am a Christan. Together they make one strong woman.

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