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Keeping busy

Life at the moment is crappy. The dear one and I had expected at the beginning of the summer that we would know where we would be moving to and looking forward to beginning the next chapter of our lives by this point. But here we are, still waiting and waiting and waiting. So we are keeping busy.

Work on the house continues. Within the next while we should have the counters in the kitchen. Can you hear my hurrah?!? I continue to work on removing old adhesive from the stairs so that they can be refinished and doing all the little painting jobs around the house.

The dear one continues to apply for new positions and hopes and prays that some parish will be willing to interview and then be willing to offer him the position. I, on the other hand, keep busy by doing this for now. By blogging about my experience of this time and hoping that through this process I will find some clarity and sense of direction.

So we keep busy. Just so that we don’t have to think about what is going on. So that we don’t have to consider the possibility of the dear one not finding a new parish (there I said it). So that we won’t have to consider what may have to happen if he doesn’t. We keep busy.

Busyness however is just a distraction because when we stop for a moment it all comes rushing in and can be quite overwhelming. So keeping busy is a survival tactic at the moment. It is keeping the wolves of the future away from the door for the time being. For now we will keep busy and go through this process day by day.


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2 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Susan Hutchinson on said:

    Just coming out on the other end of this Fiona — three years of church backlash, nastiness, mostly unemployed. Making a huge effort just to get out of bed and to spend days on just one more “response to a parish profile”. Finally, when I took the resume class EI insisted I take, and finally gave up on parishes and started applying for secular jobs, I got results. It’s not us, it’s the church. Have a problem? Have a difficult parish? It must be your fault. Off you go to the black list. The secular non-profit world has some good employers. I was lucky enough to find one. They think I have good skills and great experience. I love my job and I am making more money. The church around the corner, one that I got to choose for myself, is a good place that needs and welcomes a spare priest.

    You will need every bone and sinue you have to get through this, but you will. Life will get better, God is with you. My prayers are with you and Hugh.

    And, if it gets really tough, get in the car and head out to Sorrento for a long chat with Chris Lind … that did me the world of good.

    love and blessings

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