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I have been thinking a lot about celebrations lately. How much I am looking forward to celebrating with the dear one when he gets offered another parish! How fun it was to celebrate the marriage of our oldest and her beloved. How we celebrated the end of my position with laughter and good friends. How we are going to celebrate my dear one’s mother’s 80th birthday soon.

I don’t know about you dear reader but I love a good party! I always feel closer to God in the midst of a party. I feel the joy and wonder and just know that God is there.

I am aware that there are some out there who find this difficult to believe that God would be in the midst of a good party but I know it to be true. I am looking forward to partying this weekend with my family as we celebrate. I know that God will be there with us, in our laughter, our joy at being together, in the quiet moments that individuals spend together and if they happen in our tears.

God and I have had a bit of a rocky relationship lately so the thought of celebration time is good for my soul and good for my well being. Celebrations are times to reflect on the joys past and to look to the joys of the future.

So my faith and and I are going to celebrate for a while.

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One thought on “Celebrations

  1. Dan Jorgensen on said:

    I don’t think it’s any small coincidence that Jesus chose to perform his first public miracle at a wedding celebration. He enjoyed eating and drinking with his friends as part of His earthly experience and I’m sure he smiles fondly upon people who are celebrating in their relationships with other people and Him. Enjoy the birthday party ‘;0)

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