Faith from the Edges

Faith and life from the perspective of me.


There have been some glimmers happening. Glimmers of new beginnings. Glimmers of hope. Glimmers of better times ahead.

I am waiting on the glimmers to see if they are real and to see if God’s hand is in the midst of them. I am not getting too excited yet or making any plans for the future. I am just watching the glimmers and looking for hope.

Here is one of the glimmers. I had a job interview. I didn’t get the job but the glimmer is that an organization wanted to interview me and considered me for a position. It reminded me that I have good skills and that somewhere out there is another job waiting for me that I can put my creative energy into.

Another glimmer. The dear one has a couple of bishops who are encouraging him to find a parish. There might just be a place that he can live out his priestly calling.

I will watch the glimmers. I will look for God’s direction. I will look for hope.

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3 thoughts on “Glimmers

  1. God is All-ways in the “bright side”.

    • Sarah Neish on said:

      Fiona, You don’t even know how hard I have been praying for both of you !!I forwarded your email from the Sault Ste Marie visit to our Diocesan Bishop and urged her to think hard! {we are retired and so old that I feel I can take such liberties!} …I will continue to hold both of you in my prayers until I hear that there has been some possitive answer….then I will continue to hold you both in my prayers as ypou go into the next phase of your life in His service. Pax, Sarah

  2. Dan Jorgensen on said:

    That’s great Fiona! Don’t get a job before Friday though or you’ll have to change the theme of the party ‘;0)

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