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I live with pain every day. Have done so for over 15 years. I have a condition called rheumatoid arthritis. This is a an auto-immune inflammatory disease that affects the soft tissue around the joints. I am primarily effected in my hands and feet but also have inflammation occasionally in my knees and elbows. It has become my constant companion. I have not had a pain free day in years.

Mostly I can deal with it and then comes along a day like today. A day where the pain is extreme. Where every step taken hurts. Where holding a glass of water is a tricky thing as your hand may just let go without you knowing it.  Where even getting a hug from your loved ones is just too painful. That is the kind of day I am having today.

I started writing this in the morning and now it is the middle of the afternoon, if I am lucky I will get it finished by this evening. The pain means that I don’t have the much energy to deal with and typing is making my finger joints feel even more pain. So I take breaks and come back when I can to this.

Here is what I do to cope. I take my meds regularly.  I try to get enough sleep. I drink water – that really does help. I take rest days when I need them (like today). I try not to dwell on the pain. I try to find something positive to do with my time. I try to find ways to have gentle exercise.

Then there are days like today where it just doesn’t matter and the pain stops me. I don’t think well. I don’t come across clearly. It is hard to move. The question is why has this happened. Well there is this little thing called stress! It seems to send my system completely overboard. Now those with regular immune systems find that when they are over stressed they get sick. When I,or others like me,  get stressed our immune systems go into over drive and attack our joints and we get inflammation and then we get pain.

So I think my body is trying to tell me something. Pain comes from stress and you have way too much stress in your life at the moment. Way too much! I am going to listen to my body and try to figure out how to reduce the stress. Find ways to let the joy creep back into my life.

Looking forward to days with less pain, less stress and more joy.

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4 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Tim Chesterton on said:

    Sending love and (gentle) hugs…

  2. Tammy Haugen on said:

    My dear dear Fiona… It sounds trite to say ‘I feel your pain’ because of course I can’t… I do wish I could take it from you for a day – combine it with my own and give you a lighthearted, footloose kind of day!! Instead, we limp along, doing the best that we can. Take yourself back to your favourite day in Jamaica.. feel the sun.. remember what it felt like to feel “good”. Just stay with that for a minute – and then try for two.

    I love you my friend

  3. I hear ya, sister. Actually, you have described chronic inflammatory pain very well. We have had a shift in the weather and this is not a good day for me, either, though less awful than yours sounds. You

    You are doing what you need to do to care for yourself. Let your loved ones care for you today and remember to keep breathing.

    A gigantic cyber hug to you and lots more prayers.

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