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Let the Busyness begin!

I am now on holidays!

There are 6 days to go before the big day – the wedding of eldest daughter to her beloved. So busyness is about to really ensue and I am sure that I won’t have time to post on here again until after the festivities are done and we are home again.

I am thankful to be surrounded by family and loved ones at this time. It is taking my mind off of the reality of what is coming in the next couple of months (that will definitely be a later post). It is fun to be part of the plans and the making of this soon to be wonderful day.

I am making the cake for the big day and that is going to take up much of the week and much of the fridge space – but it is so going to be worth it.

There is going to be joy, fun, tears and even more joy and I am going to soak it all up and take it home with me. I will take that joy out from time to time when I need to have it to bolster me up and help me get through the tough times ahead. So my friends and friendly readers and I am ready to embark on the busyness of this week and have an amazing celebration to cap it all off!


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2 thoughts on “Let the Busyness begin!

  1. Dan Jorgensen on said:

    Give our love to Brigid and her beloved and have a good time Fiona and Hugh ‘;0)

  2. I hope you have an absolutely, smashingly, fabulous week!!! Time for all that other stuff in it’s own time…time for joy and celebration right now! Enjoy! Hugs to y’all!

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