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Blessings and Silver Linings

Blessings, silver linings, whatever you want to call them I seem to be finding them. They are popping up in the most interesting places.

Just like this red trillium that I found at my parents place last spring. Popping up in interesting places.

Ever since I announced that my job was ending soon I have received emails, texts, Facebook messages and phone calls from people all across the country. Concerned about me and my family. Cheering for me. Reminding me of my gifts and skills. Allowing me to rant. Letting me weep as necessary. Making me smile. Filling me up with love.

See what I mean. Blessings and silver linings.

It doesn’t mean that this isn’t hard or I won’t have bumps along the way. It just means that I am not alone in this. That I have support and care. Which I realize is much, much more than I know many have when they are in crisis.

So for today I will let myself be loved, cared for and upheld by others. I will give thanks for this blessing, this silver lining,  which has been unexpected but is most gratefully received. Thank you one and all!!


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